Monday, September 6, 2010

Bubby, Larry, and A.J.

As of last night, all three of my fantasy drafts are over. I think I did OK? Possibly?

The Larry Fitzjerries
As I shared with you, my all-girl autopick-draft league got off to a rough start. Luckily, one of my co-league members (the girl I'm playing in Week 1, no less) dropped the Eagles' new QB, Kevin Kolb, for Mark Sanchez. I questioned that decision, but without looking a gift horse in the mouth. I, in turn, dropped Jay Cutler and picked up Kolb. He's a little risky, since he's inexperienced, but he should throw quite a bit in the Eagles' offense without throwing it to the other team as much as some quarterback frat daddies I could name.

The Bubby Bristers
This one had a real draft, with people I actually know, and is easily my favorite league. Also, I think we're going to play for money. ($10 apiece, because we are high rollers.) I was pleased with how my draft went. I got Drew Brees at QB and Frank Gore at RB. My receivers are kind of in the high-risk/high-reward vein (Calvin Johnson and less so, Greg Jennings), but I think they'll work out. The toughest part about this league is that we're doing Individual Defensive Players, and nobody knows defensive guys that well. We all knew enough to avoid taking Darrell Revis while he was holding out for a better contract . . . and then I plucked him off the waiver wire this morning after I saw that he's signing on Monday. I'm crafty!

The Fightin' AJ Hawks
This one was the auction draft with dudes from the message boards at Football Pros Live. I have heard over and over that auction drafts are way more fun, interesting, and creative than regular drafts and in short, that once you go auction, you never go back. Based on my experience, these are all filthy lies.

I'm not blaming the people I did the auction with at all--they're all strangers, but they were perfectly nice and even helpful, since I mentioned I hadn't done an auction before. And to be fair, I should have studied more and done some mock drafts. Bidding on each player went too fast for me to feel like I was keeping up, but the entire auction collectively took forever. It didn't help that (I think?) I spent to much money early on some guys (particularly Drew Brees and Andre Johnson), so then I had to sit around for round after round, waiting for prices to come down to where I could afford the rest of my roster. The end result looks OK, I think (although I haven't looked very hard at everybody else's teams), but actually doing the auction was some of the least fun I have ever had. I am now going to tell you something sincerely: I can only think of one dentist's appointment I've ever been to that was less enjoyable than that draft. Never again will I do a fantasy football auction.

I was going to put my rosters (as they stand now) at the end of this post, after a break, but then HTML and I got into an ugly screaming match and I gave up on that notion. My rosters are now, therefore, on their very own page--Fantasy Stuff. I guess I could keep my win/loss records and such updated over there, too. Why not?

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