Monday, September 13, 2010

LeachWatch 2010: Mike Leach, Analyst

As I warned you, Mike Leach made his broadcast debut on Saturday--although I thought for some reason he'd be a pre-game studio analyst, he actually gave color commentary throughout the NC State-UCF game. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the whole game (it's kind of hard to justify keeping the TV on the UCF game when you've invited people over to watch Alabama-Penn State), but the parts I saw were pretty great.

Here's the thing: he didn't say anything particularly crazy. Really, he gave some pretty good insights. But he says fairly normal, intelligent things while sounding like he's drunk and looking like he's blind. (I hate to make it sound like I'm ragging on the blind here. That's not my intention. It's just that, instead of looking at the camera or his broadcast partner, Leach consistently looked at nothing. Nothing at all.)

For posterity, I'll post a screencap of the tweets I tweeted re: Mike Leach (and also one about my picks this week which, believe me, I'll elaborate on later.)

I will also refer you to this nice write-up from Sports by Brooks, which also includes a highlight video. Again, it's certainly not wacky, laugh-a-minute stuff, but it is authentic, unmistakeable Mike Leach.


  1. If Mike Leach makes a dumb comment, in what darkened room will the network force him to stand?

  2. They'll only lock him in an equipment shed if he's a slacker, and if his dad complains that he's not getting enough airtime.