Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Picks: CFB Week 2

Again picking against the spread because it's more fun; again using Yahoo's numbers. I'm also relying on the Yahoo picks contest for the slate. My contest commissioner chose Yahoo standard + Big 12, since we're all a bunch of Kansans. Home team in italics.

Duke (+5.5) over Wake Forest
Look, I don't know anything about the ACC except that Duke is even more terrible than the rest of them, but I like their coach, David Cutcliffe. (This is the first of this week's "Why not?" picks.)

Georgia Tech (-14) over Kansas
After last week's performance by KU, this point spread could be 35 and I'd still take Georgia Tech.

Georgia (+3) over South Carolina
South Carolina under Steve Spurrier disappoints every year. Every year. (I know the same applies to Georgia under Mark Richt, but to a lesser extent.)

Army (-2.5) over Hawaii
It'll be hard for Hawaii's players to pull it out, considering the jet lag.

South Florida (+15.5) over Florida
I know, I know--I'm buying too much into Florida's Keystone Kops-like performance in Week 1. But I'm not picking USF to win, just to beat the spread. Although it would be hilarious if they also won.

Nebraska (-28.5) over Idaho
I picked Nebraska not to overcome the spread against Western Kentucky, since I have little faith in the Huskers' offense. I'm not making that mistake in any more of their games against The Weak Sisters of the Poor.

Florida State (+7.5) over Oklahoma
Sure, Florida State has a new coach, but I don't think Oklahoma has the chops this season. Even if Oklahoma's home field magic holds up, I could see FSU playing them close.

Iowa State (+13.5) over Iowa
Again, I'm picturing this as a close game, not an upset. Iowa State will want this pretty bad, and Iowa isn't a scoring machine.

Miami (+9) over Ohio State
Broken record time here, but I think Miami will play them closer than that. Ohio State should win, but by more than a touchdown? I don't see it.

Cal (-9) over Colorado
I will bet against Dan Hawkins at all opportunities.

Notre Dame (-4) over Michigan
If the Fighting Brian Kellys can stop shiny new Michigan QB Denard Robinson (idea 1: hit 'im), they're set. I don't think Michigan has anything else.

BYU (+1) over Air Force

Missouri (off) over McNeese State
Because duh.

Oklahoma State (-13.5) over Troy
The Lesser Okies proved last week that they can score some points. They should do so again.

Washington (-13.5) over Syracuse
Wait, Syracuse is still in a major conference? . . . Wait, the Big East is still a "major" conference? Wonders never cease. Also, can someone explain to me why Jake Locker is a Heisman candidate? It's fine if NFL scouts want to lose their minds over some lackluster QB, just because he's big and has a strong arm. That's their business. But a college award ought to be based on college performance.

Oregon (-12) over Tennessee
This is another one where the spread just couldn't be high enough for me to pick against Oregon. This should be the week that the horrors begin for the Vols.

Vanderbilt (+9.5) over LSU
This pick is wrong. I know that. It's just that I love Robbie Caldwell (who is, by the way, on Twitter (@RobbieCaldwell, fittingly) and is adorable) and I can't stand Les Miles and I want to believe! When (and if?) Vandy gets blown out on Saturday, I will start picking their games sensibly, I promise.

Alabama (-12) over Penn State
I went back and forth on this one. On the one hand, Alabama isn't really a blow-out kind of team. Will they really beat a Big Ten opponent by two touchdowns? On the other hand, Penn State looked a little shaky against Youngstown State, which is never good. In the end, I let 'Bama's homefield advantage swing it for me.

Baylor (+16.5) over Buffalo
Baylor should really let Robert Griffin go nuts on as many teams as possible. Buffalo's a nice soft target.

Wyoming (+29.5) over texas
Wyoming played texas tough last year and, while I don't want to trivialize the death of Wyoming player Ruben Narcisse, but I feel like his teammates will play harder to honor his memory. Tragedy seems to galvanize teams.

Texas A&M (-19.5) over Louisiana Tech
If Jerrod and co. can't hang 30 or 40 points on La Tech, then they're not who I thought they were.

Kansas State (off) over Missouri State
A classic Bill Snyder matchup!

UCF (-3.5) over N. C. State
I have no strong feelings about this. (Does anyone?)

New Mexico (+24.5) over Texas Tech
Not only does Tech have a couple of kinks in their offense to work out, but New Mexico will be playing with Hurt Feelings. They should take those out on Tech (to the tune of losing by only a touchdown or two).

Ole Miss (-20.5) over Tulane
Speaking of taking out Hurt Feelings . . . .

USC (-19.5) over Virginia
Because it's Virginia.

Stanford (-6) over UCLA
If Stanford can't beat a team that K-State beat, they don't deserve to be ranked #25, that's for sure.

Record to date (in my picks contest, even though I didn't post them here): 10-15-1. (Week 1 was not good to me.)

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