Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Fantasy Football Disaster

That's right, it already happened!

The preceding also applies to the draft in my all-girl autodraft league, unfortunately. See, I thought, naively, that if I checked the league's home page every day or so, I'd eventually learn when the draft was and before it happened I could--this is important--customize my player rankings. I would have done things like moved Jermichael Finley above other tight ends because I think he's great and he's Jorvorskie Lane's brother. I would have moved Adrian Peterson down just a smidge (from second to third or fourth, maybe) because he fumbles so much and I just don't like him.

And I certainly, CERTAINLY, would have moved down the person who, thanks to my not re-ranking in time, became my starting quarterback.

When I found out about this last night, I was--maybe "devastated" is too strong a word, but something in that area. I told Mr. Football Gal about how I never got informed that the draft was going to happen, and he thought I'd be within my rights to just drop out of the league altogether. I don't want to do that, but I was mad enough that I had to sleep on it before I posted a message to the league's board. I thought it came out very civil ("Subject: draft over. Message: I'm pretty disappointed that the auto-draft happened with no warning, since I was hoping to customize my player rankings beforehand. I guess there's nothing to do about it now . . . except state that I am open to trades, if anybody wants to make them").

It was certainly nicer than the tide of profanity I unleashed last night when I found out that my quarterback is Jay Cutler.

Jay ************* *** ** * ***** ******* frat daddy *****-*** ****** Cutler.

It's not that I expected, in a twelve team league, to definitely get Peyton or Aaron or even Matt (Schaub). It's just that I cannot stand Jay Cutler. Well, also that I don't particularly believe he's going to get any better this year, and I think he'll continue to be an interception-machine, but mostly that I can't stand the guy.

I'm not particularly angry anymore, but I am a little sad. This was not how I was hoping to start the season. Oh well; one week until my next draft (and you can bet my league members know about it), one where I won't have to take Jay Cutler unless I get really, really, really desperate.

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