Sunday, August 29, 2010


As a self-proclaimed football gal, I feel I should comment on this MSN piece entitled NFL Eye Candy. (Link via Go Fug Yourself.) It's my duty.

The thing about it is that I can sum it up in these four words: lots of white quarterbacks. There are a couple obvious reasons for this--first, QBs are the most famous and visible members of teams. Secondly, I believe the writer of the article is white. People tend to be more attracted to the familiar, so that's white QBs on both counts. I still wish she'd corrected for this a little more, though. Sure, you have to include Tom Brady, because you have eyes in your head. But Tony Romo? Peyton Manning? I love Peyton as much as the next person, but foxy he is not. It doesn't get silly until the end, when she tacks on some old-school players, and those players are six white quarterbacks and Jerry Rice. C'mon.

Other than that, I guess it just comes to down to personal taste. However! She did leave off my personal favorite eye candy NFL guy, perhaps because he's not a player. But Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin?



  1. I know I came late to this party (since it was only upon clicking the link that I became aware of what Peyton Manning looked like), but I'm gonna go ahead and disagree. Peyton Manning, he look real nice. Tony Romo has that sweet-but-dumb look.

  2. Also: just for kicks, I googled Jay Cutler, just to see if your hated fantasy quarterback was fine. He is not. But one of the first links was this:
    which I thought was pretty funny.

  3. I was going to express mild disbelief at your pro-Peyton-Manning-being-eye-candy stance, but then I did a Google image search and realized as long as he has a hat or helmet on, I can kind of see it. My problem is his very large forehead.

    Mr. Football Gal, meanwhile, insists that both Peyton and his brother Eli look "like goobers."

    I think Jay Cutler looks less high than just sleepy, but that was pretty funny.