Monday, August 9, 2010

Bromance UPDATE

Despite mutually underwhelming performances in a (by-definition underwhelming) preseason game, the Chad & T.O. love train keeps chugging along!

The two of them explaining their "Batman" and "Robin" relationship to Andrea Kraemer last night really cracked me up.

I put together a little twitter list of just the two of them. Much more Batman-and-Robin-ing there, I assure you. Here's a good one from this morning:

I can't help it, you guys--I find this whole thing hilarious and even kind of endearing. I started to find "Ochocinco" amusing in spite of myself last season, and adding T.O. to the mix just makes him even more exuberant. I'm excited to watch Bengals games this year, which means their evil plan is working.

In conclusion, coordinating segways:

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