Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pat Forde has a good piece on the pros and cons of Les Miles. Maybe it's my anti-Miles bias (he's a terrible coach), but the con side seems stronger.

Mike Leach is back in action! Or will be back in a sort of action, in the broadcast booth for games very few people will watch. I'm still excited, though. Great tidbit: he's not under any obligation to refrain from talking about Texas Tech or his firing. Of course he isn't! The Tech brass are trying to get out of paying him a dime, instead of settling (which would be their only leverage to shut Leach up). Because they're idiots.

Cris Collinsworth shares his thoughts on the 49ers. They're getting a decent amount of hype this offseason (not a Jets amount of hype, more just the "they're going to get to the next level!" kind), and Collinsworth, to my surprise, does nothing to reign it in. I'm excited that he's big on them, because I like Mike Singletary. How can you not?

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