Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thoughts On: the Minnesota Golden Gophers

OK, I really just have one thought, and that is this: why, WHY are you opening your season at Middle Tennessee State, Gophers? Why would you do this?

Here's the thing. Middle Tennessee State (do they abbreviate MTS? Let's assume they do) had a 10-3 record last year, apparently. They're a crummy lower-tier school, but they're a good crummy lower-tier school. This may be a worse idea than when Michigan opened against then-reigning Div II champions Appalachian State. Worse because MTS is bigger and you're inexplicably going to their place, but probably better because that Appalachian State thing was really, really hilarious.

(A better parallel would be, I realize, last year's Colorado loss at Toledo, but I like to mention that Appalachian State thing whenever possible.)

You've had some hard times recently, Gophers, and this dumb scheduling is not going to help things. This season isn't likely to be very good anyway, but your all-too-likely loss to MTS is going to get it started not with a bang, but with a fart sound effect.

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