Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughts On: the Denver Broncos

I still can't wrap my head around a team having a quarterbacking corps of Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn. Yes, that's right; Josh McDaniels, purported offensive genius, has at his disposal:

1. A guy most notable for his neckbeard/comb-forward combo

I know I shouldn't rag on the guy for his looks, but . . . dang.

2. A guy who's just there to run the Wildcat and sell jerseys to people who confuse him with Jesus

I bet Gary Danielson already has four of these.

3. A guy who lost his starting position on to Derek "Two Completions" Anderson.

Although things could be worse . . .

Those guys, Josh McDaniels? I mean, really? Really?


  1. Maybe neckbeard just grew it for the intimidation. I'd be distracted.

  2. Interesting theory. I bet if a person wanted to (I don't, particularly), she could track his win-loss records with and without the neckbeard, and see if it gives him a competitive advantage.

    Aaron Rodgers, the Packers QB, played a couple games with a truly, truly hideous pornstache; after the second one, the sideline reporter asked him about it and he said it had to go because he'd lost both games with it. So the football gods really did us all a favor with that one.

  3. Caution!!! Train wreck approaching!! The Broncos will beat the Chiefs once, the Raiders once, and some other having-an-off-day team. 3 wins. You'll being saying "Boy, Anonymous sure called it!"