Saturday, December 18, 2010

LeachWatch 2010: Terp-tacular?

Mike Leach's name has been connected to almost every coaching opening this year. Minnesota fired their coach? Get Mike Leach! Colorado fired their coach? Mike Leach is available! Oklahoma State's offensive coordinator left? Mike Leach might be up for that! Florida's coach stepped down? Mike Leach is interested!

(Money quote from that last link: "Really, I'm interested in all of them." Aww, of course you are.)

I was starting to worry Leach wasn't going to get hired anywhere this year, because of his ongoing litigation against Texas Tech and, recently, ESPN. (That link is super interesting, by the way.) Aside from the risks a school would already take by hiring Mike Leach (relating to how, you know, he crazy), hiring a person still embroiled in a lawsuit against his former employer has got to make most ADs wary. But now it's starting to look like there's a very good chance college football will get Leach back in 2011 after all.

The University of Maryland said just last month that they intended to keep their coach, Ralph Friedgen--but that was before his offensive coordinator and "coach in waiting" left to take the head coaching job at Vanderbilt (another job Mike Leach would have been great for, by the way).

Tangent: has the "coach in waiting" thing worked out for anybody? It's all the rage nowadays, apparently, but I think it's stupid. If the "coach in waiting" doesn't bail for a different job (see: Will Muschamp to Florida), then the current coach gets forced out before he intended to leave when he agreed to have a "coach in waiting" (see: Bobby Bowden getting canned at Florida State in favor of Jimbo Fisher). I can't wait (pun?) until this fad dies.

So, as this article explains, Maryland don't want no Friedgen no more. (He was named ACC coach of the year this season, but that doesn't put butts in seats.) What Maryland does have loyalty to is the company Under Armor, which not only provides their uniforms but whose founder (Maryland alum Kevin Plank) is on the school's board of trustees. Kevin is also--and here's the important part--good buddies with one Mike Leach.

It sounds like the forced "retirement" of Ralph Friedgen/hiring of Mike Leach is pretty certain to go down at Maryland. So friends, if you like your football pass-happy and your coaches insane, get ready to start watching ACC games.

Worth it?


  1. Nooooooo! I want Leach to come to Cal to be our offensive coordinator! I know it's below him, but still ...

  2. Well, if this falls through for some reason (and nobody ever said Mike Leach gives a good job interview), I bet he'd take an OC position rather than be out of football again next year. I think that's your glimmer of hope.

  3. Man, I hope he's coaching next year. I kinda wanted him to become UT's offensive coordinator, but I figured that would never happen. Plus it would make UT instantly much better, which is bad for everyone else. I liked the ESPN article, and I hope Leach gets a lot of money from Tech. Or at least what they owe him. Pretty much the only reason I began to like college football was because of the pass happy offense and the crazy coach. Can't wait to see what he can do somewhere else! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. I can't believe Minnesota hired another no-name.

  5. I think Jerry Kill was a good hire. Just think, he may well make a name for himself at Minnesota! (In which case he'd probably get hired away by Georgia or something.)