Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I Enjoyed Today

1. Iowa State wins in Austin for the first time ever! Longhorns, you have been Cycl-OWNED!

I watched almost all of that game, and I'll tell you this--it wasn't even close. Iowa State didn't look great, for the most part, and I kept assuming that texas would snap out of it and come back eventually, but that just never happened. Iowa State didn't have great defense, but t.u.'s was worse. ISU was a little spotty on offense, but had way more good spots than texas. They won fair and square, and it was hilarious.

2. Texas A&M beats KU handily, as they absolutely had to.

Also, I guess I should be happy that Sherman was finally willing to give backup QB Ryan Tannehill lots of meaningful snaps . . . but it was weird that he waited to pull Jerrod until Jerrod was having a good game. His plan must have been to give Tannehill practice in a game situation, but not a risky game situation, so Tannehill will be more prepared if he ever has to go in and save a game that's going badly. It was still weird, though.

3. Wisconsin is good, you guys. They really are.

Of course, it helped that Iowa completely fouled up their clock management in the last minute of the game. You can't play fast and loose with your timeouts unless you've made Les Miles' deal with the devil. Anyway, the doubts I had about Wisconsin are pretty much gone after two consecutive impressive wins. They do still need help to win the Big Ten, though.

4. Because Mark Dantonio keeps fake-punting his way into my heart.

I know that, as a Badgers fan ("fan," rounding up from "well-wisher," anyway), I need to be rooting against Michigan State, the one conference team that has beaten Wisconsin. But . . . they're just so loveable! Dantonio calls a fake punt to beat Notre Dame, then he has a heart attack which he perseveres through, and then he fake punts again today to complete the comeback against Northwestern! (And besides, they weren't going to lose to Northwestern, the Big Ten master of the choke-job, even when they did go down 17-0.)

Now if they can just keep beating them consecutively until 2051, they'll finally be even with 'em. Oh, and let's not forget how fun it is to say "Ken Niumatalolo."

And the world makes just a little more sense.

7. Baylor's win over K-State puts them alone at the top of the Big 12 South.

They're probably more stoked about getting bowl-eligible for the first time since 1995, but the standings thing makes me smile. (Well, the Baylor part. Can we all agree to ignore the very bottom of the division standings?)

8. And now Missouri has taken down Oklahoma!

I can't really articulate why I was rooting for Missouri there, but here are some ideas:
a. I like when OU loses.
b. Mizzou was the underdog, and I generally like underdogs.
c. I would like there to be a team in the Big 12 North who can take the division from Nebraska (I don't really harbor any ill-will toward Nebraska for leaving the conference, but I really don't want them to win it on their way out the door).
d. It's comforting that the team that beat A&M 30-9 is legitimately good.
e. As always, it's fun when there are upsets at the top of the polls. It reminds me of good ol', crazy ol' 2007.


  1. Is it odd that Baylor is leading the Big 12 south but has only beaten Big 12 north teams? Also, does the fact that the teams at the very bottom of the Big 12 south standings beat the teams at the very bottom of the Big 12 north standings make the south better? I'm not sure that sentence made sense...

    I also wanted OU to lose for all of those reasons plus the fact that it gives TCU a better chance at getting to the top of the BCS standings. I like TCU. I just do.

  2. I think it's kind of a funny coincidence that Baylor has only beaten North teams so far, but not super weird. Furthermore, I did the math--so far in cross-divisional matchups, the South is leading 7-5. So: still better!

    Also, some ESPN/Sports Illustrated types have been saying that t.u. might be favored over Baylor next week. That's not going to happen, because name recognition will still matter more than record, but I hope Baylor wins anyway.

  3. Oh, and I like TCU fine, but Boise State is my favorite outsider team. (Although I think TCU might have a better chance at beating Oregon.)